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“Migraine headaches have controlled my life for years now. After trying just about every medicine available, I have found the best way to keep the migraines under control to be dry needling therapy. Kate and the team at Rye Physical Therapy are great!”

– Ginny Carr

“I always say “NO!” when my doctor tries to send me to ‘Core PT’ and I head to Rye PT instead. I would 100% recommend Rye PT, because of their ongoing knowledge, commitment to helping patients, and ease of appointments plus 2 facilities that I can go to. My success in rehabbing is because of Rye PT’s commitment to me.”

– Danielle Berthiaume

“Various sports injuries in my teens and 20s finally caught up to me, including a complete hip replacement at age 53. Kate actually recommended a top Boston Orthopedic Dr. for the surgery. Kate and her team got me back on my bike, and back in business quickly, and now I am completely pain-free. BTW: They accomplished this while accommodating my busy life and travel schedule.

Thank you!”

– Troy Harrison

“Physical therapy at the Seabrook location with Kate is the best place to go if you need to be healed. When I started going, I could barely move my left arm up and down. Kate treated me and within a week I started noticing a difference. After a few more weeks, there was a marked improvement. She sent me home with stretching and strengthening exercises and today I am enjoying great mobility.”

– Sheila Johnson

“HPT has made me a believer in PT!:”

– John H.

“Rye Physical Therapy Seabrook was recommended to me after I had shoulder surgery and I wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else again (and I’ve had more than my share of PT experiences over the years).

Kate and her staff treat each client as an individual and tailor the exercises and treatments for each person. They are friendly, caring, and most of all knowledgeable. My shoulder has never been better.”

– Lynne Stanley

“You all helped me tremendously. This is a very well-run, professional facility staffed by compassionate, knowledgeable therapists.

Thanks for all you did for me. I’ll still expect to be back to finish some of my work but you helped me when I needed it the most. Best to all”

– Michelle

“The therapists at Rye Physical Therapy really listened to me and understood what goals I had for myself returning from surgery. With great team work together, I was able to achieve my goals.”

– Stephen Morrissey

“I did not believe in Physical Therapy until I met Kate Dulac Serodio, DPT and her great team at the Seabrook, NH location. I had a very bad pinched nerve in 2010 and also injured it again in 2011. Kate has the knowledge, ability and understanding o know what kind of pain you are in and what needs to be done to make you pain free. I strongly recommend Rye Physical Therapy in Seabrook ,NH for the best therapy care you could ever ask for. Thanks Kate for everything that you have done to help me get well.”

– Bob DiMattea

“After having a car accident in January, I needed a total shoulder replacement, I have nothing but great reviews for this facility, my therapist Lisa is cheerful, knowledgeable, and enjoys working with, and healing her patience. I am at my 23rd week in therapy and their consistency and knowledge are above the rest. thank you, Lisa!!!! and everyone from Rye Physical Therapy for all you have done…”

– Nick Z

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