Neck Pain and Headaches

When people are ready to seek care for their neck pain and headaches, it is usually because their pain is far beyond the occasional twinge, instead, the problem is far worse and has lasted for several months. Some common patient complaints include not being able to turn their head while driving, pain while working at their desk, Migraines, tension headaches, stabbing pain in the neck, or even pain that radiates down into the shoulder or even into the hands.

The causes of your headaches or neck pain can be from an injury like a recent car accident or slip and fall, but often problems develop over time from poor posture, decreased neck or shoulder strength or from having to perform the same action repeatedly. People are often surprised that even just working at their desk for the day can cause neck pain or headaches.

Should I get help now?

A patient who seeks treatment when the symptoms first begin will often have a quicker, speedy recovery. Now, this is not to say if you have had symptoms for years that it cannot be resolved, but it may take a little longer. Also, you will be surprised that other issues that you are dealing with might also be caused by your neck.

For example, if you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, a pinched nerve in your neck may be the true culprit. In addition, you may find that your shoulder pain or even pain in the elbow/hands are often caused by a compressed nerve in your neck or vertebrae and can usually be alleviated with conservative physical therapy.

How do we eliminate neck pain and headaches?

Our highly trained team of Physical Therapists will take you through a full evaluation to pinpoint the main cause of your neck pain, stiffness, or headaches that are caused by the vertebrae in the neck. You will leave the evaluation with a complete plan of action to get you living with less pain and back to the activities you love to do. During your treatment sessions, we will perform the hands-on treatment to get you better faster and develop a routine for you to continue to build strength and flexibility. You will also learn how to perform your daily activities with better body mechanics to avoid relapses.

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