Direct Access

YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPIST provides the relief and recovery that you need NOW!

New regulations in our state allow you to go to physical therapy without necessarily requiring a referral or prescription. That’s great news for you! This allows you to see a physical therapist for evaluation and the prompt outpatient care you need right now. We can then help to determine your further healthcare needs.

We’ll be happy to call your insurance company before your appointment and determine what they allow for primary physical therapy care. In any case, you always have the choice of seeing the physical therapist that you desire.

CALL US FIRST ~ Don’t wait until you’re incapacitated!

Benefits of being one of our Established Patients:

  • Medical Records on File
  • Special Relationship with YOUR PT
  • Fast, Prompt Appointments
  • Call Anytime for help
  • Not sure what your physical therapy benefit or co-pay is? Call us and we’ll contact your insurance company for you.

We’re passionate about making sure that you get the care you need.

Learn more about what Direct Access means for you and the 30 reasons why to choose Rye Physical Therapy.

Direct Access ~ Take Charge of Your Healing!

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