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HPT Helps ~ Donate Food or Take What You Need!

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Give Food - take what you need at Rye Physical Therapy in NHFriends & Patients,

We realize there are some of you who are out of work and perhaps in need of some help. And there are some of you who are still working who might like to help others during this difficult time. 

FUN afterschool center in Hampton, NH - partners with Hampton PT

Both Rye Physical Therapy locations (Seabrook & Hampton) as well as FUN located at 40 Stickney Terrace, Hampton (provides quality after school programs) are going to leave a donation box just outside our front doors. We have put a few food items in it to get things started and will keep adding as the days progress.

If you would like to GIVE a donation, please bring non perishable goods
(and/or gift cards to support local restaurants) 
and leave them in the box. 

PLEASE feel free to TAKE some of the items for your family or friends
who are 
in need of food supplies!

We will keep you all posted on the progression of our little” food bank”.

WHEN we get back to a more “normal” life, if there are food items still available in the boxes, we will donate to our area organizations who supply food items for those in need.

If you need us – we are open and being conscientious of social distancing, sanitizing, and wearing masks. We want to continue to provide care for all our patients.

Feel free to call us at 603-474-2259 or 603-929-2880.

Physical Therapy services are labeled as an essential service. Private practices like ours have been encouraged by our professional association to remain open as a safer alternative to urgent care and emergency room during the Covid-19 crisis. We can assist in evaluating, triaging, and caring for non-emergent musculoskeletal injury. Emergency rooms and urgent care centers must preserve their staff and equipment for real emergency care at this time.

We are strictly following all screening and cleaning measures recommended by the CDC.

Thank you for understanding the severity of the situation and doing your part to keep the community safe.

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